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How do I export from Maximizer?

Knowledge Article Number: 000004785


I need to know how to export data from Maximizer.


1. In Maximizer, load your database (File, Open Address Book Folder).

2. In the Address Book window, select the records from which to export email addresses. To do this, highlight the entry and choose Edit Select Entry, or choose Edit, Select All to select the entire list.

3. Choose File Export Address Book Entries.

4. In the Export Address Book Entries screen (EXPORT1.BMP), enter the name of the export file in the File Name text box. Verify that the Format field is set to tab-delimited. Click "OK".

5. In the Select fields for export screen (EXPORT2.BMP), select the fields you wish to export and click add. E-mail Address is one of them. Other fields can be exported as well.

6. After selecting the fields, click Export. The program will export all selected records into the file. After the records are exported, a notification message will be shown. Click "OK".

Next, open the file from within Excel. Specific to Maximizer, sometimes not every row will have the account or contact name populated. Only the first row in the group for each account has the actual account or contact name filled in. You may need to manually go into Excel and use the "Fill" feature (i.e. drag-n-drop).

Also confirm the following:

-that there are headers on each column indicating the data type i.e. Company, Name , address, etc.

-if there needs to be a column indicating contact / account ownership (i.e. record owner in Salesforce)

- SAVE AS a .CSV (comma separated value) file.

Once the data has been saved as a .CSV file on your hard drive, run through the import wizard located under


Setup| Personal Setup| Tools & Utilities| Import My Contacts.


Select the "Other Data Source" and follow the prompts within the wizard.

NOTE: Make sure to view your exported .CSV file within Excel first to confirm data accuracy and that the column headers are appropriately labeled with the labels as described in the help.