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Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page.' when Changing User Password on Managed Sites

Knowledge Article Number: 000005327


In some cases a Portal User may be taken to an error page when using the Change Password functionality in a Site deployed from a managed package, and the password change is not committed.


It is possible that the Change Password page that the Sites is directing the user to is not part of the managed package.  The error is then happening because the Change Password page being used does not have access to the managed Sites page that the user is being directed to.

To resolve the issue, you must point the Change Password page to use the managed package Change Password Page:

  1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Develop | Sites
  2. Click on the Site Label for the Site you wish to modify
  3. Click on the "Login Settings" button
  4. Click on the "Edit" button
  5. Click on the lookup icon (magnifying glass) next to the "Change Password Page" field
  6. Search for and select the Change Password page with the managed package namespace
  7. Click "Save"

The Sites Change Password page should not be used and the user should be redirected correctly when changing their password.