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Field values are missing when using a Custom Report Type

Knowledge Article Number 000001003

Fields you expect to have available when creating a report based on a Custom Report Type don't appear. 

For Example: Activities with Accounts and Contacts report type is missing fields from the "Select Columns" step in Report Wizard or the list of fields in the left-hand column of the Report Builder.


Edit the Report Type Page Layout

The following steps will help you add missing fields to your Report:

1.  In the Original Setup User Interface g
o to Setup | App Setup | Create | Report Types.  
     In the Improved Setup User Interface go to 
Setup | Build | Create | Report Types.

2.  Click the name of the Report Type you're using. 

3.  From the 
"Fields Available for Reports section, click Edit Layout. 

4.  Drag and drop the missing fields from the "Not in Page Layout" section, then click Save.

When you go back to the report, you will find that the fields are available to add to the report.

Good to know: When you create a new custom field after the report type exists, you'll need to follow these steps to get the field to appear on the report type.

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