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Object update order for large data loads or data migrations

Knowledge Article Number 000001006

When you load large amounts of data or migrate data, update your objects in the following order:


 1. Accounts
 2. Contacts  (related to Accounts)
 3. Opportunities  (related to Accounts and Contacts)
 4. Products
 5. Product Line Items  (related to Opportunities and Products)
 6. Cases  (related to Contacts)
 7. Leads
 8. Campaigns
 9. Campaign Members  (related to Campaings, Contacts, and Leads)
10. Contacts  (related to Accounts and Contacts)
11. Assets  (related to Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Products)
12. Solutions  (related to Cases)


  • Custom Objects - The order for custom objects depends on your Salesforce implementation
  • Activities - Activities are the last object in the sequence and can be related to any standard or custom object.

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