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How do I run a report that explain me the characteristics and usage of the fields I have?

Knowledge Article Number 000001010

Can I report on the fields in my Salesforce instance?


The "Field Trip" utility lets you analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records (or a subset of your records) have that field populated.

  • Find out how often fields are being used

  • Run Reports on fields

  • Analyze all or a subset of your records

This is a free App by Qandor which can be obtained from the AppExchange here:

Once installed, click the "Field Trip" tab to get started, then create a new Field Trip Record by giving it a name, selecting an object (e.g. Accounts) and optionally a filter (in case you don't want to process all records in the data base).

Once you use the "Analyze" button, you will see the "Field Analyses" related list on your Field Trip populated with records that represent every field on that object. This allows you to run and export reports on the fields for that object... including a column that tells you how many records have that field populated, and what percentage of the records that is.

Note: Field Trip is a 3rd party app and not supported by Salesforce

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