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Track site usage

Knowledge Article Number 000001020

Track your site usage to monitor trends, and to make sure that you don't run into any limits

 1. Install the Sites Usage Reporting managed package.
 2. Use packaged reports to analyze site usage.

- The Sites Usage Reporting managed package contains reports to help you perform analytics on usage for the sites in your organization.You can find these reports in the Site Usage Reports folder under All Reports in the Reports tab. Select Site Usage Reports in the Folder drop-down list, then click Go.

 3. Optionally, create custom reports to analyze site usage.

- For the report type, select Administrative Reports, then Site Usage Reports.

 4. Use the Site Usage Dashboard to monitor sites.

Small Alert Icon NOTE: Site usage data is aggregated at midnight, GMT, so the current day's page view counts may not be accurately reflected in reports, depending on your time zone. Cache server page views may take a day or more to be reflected in reports.

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