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How to add roles within the role hierarchy?

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How do I add roles in the role hierarchy?



Roles control the level of visibility a user has into your organization's data. Users at any given role can view, edit, and report on all data for roles beneath them in the role hierarchy. Users that require visibility to the entire organization should be assigned the highest level in the hierarchy, for example, Executive Staff.

To define your role hierarchy: 

1. Click on:

Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Roles.

2. Select a sample Role Hierarchy from Product-based Sample, Company Size-based Sample or Territory-based Sample.

3. Click "Set up Roles".

4. Select a list view from "Show in tree view", "Show in list view" or "Show in sorted list view".

5. Click "New Role"("Show in list view" and "Show in sorted list view") or "Add Role"("Show in tree view").

6. Enter the role information.

7. Click "Save".

To edit an existing role: 

1. Click on:

Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Roles.

2. . Click "Set up Roles".

3. Click on the Edit link next to a particular role.

4. Make the appropriate changes.

5. Click "Save".

The Role detail page, which is accessed by clicking on a role, lists the users assigned to that role. Your administrator can edit and add new users from this page.


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