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Why do I receive an "Error: Scheduling is not enabled for this type?" when creating Default Product Schedule

Knowledge Article Number 000001093
Description The "Error: Scheduling is not enabled for this type" error message can appear when trying to specify a default quantity / revenue schedule on a product. It appears because quantity / revenue scheduling has not been enabled for the product.

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This feature can be enabled by checking the "Quantity Scheduling Enabled" or "Revenue Scheduling Enabled" checkbox.

      Set up | Customize | Products | Schedule Setup | select checkbox for "Quantity Scheduling Enabled" or "Revenue Scheduling Enabled"

Often these fields are not on the Product page layout. So you will need to add these two fields before you can establish a schedule.

      Set up | Customize | Products | Page layout | Select Checkbox Field type with label " Revenue scheduling or,and Quantity " | drag and drop it in the page | Save . 

When you create a new product you will be able to see now a check box , please tick it , then you should be able to schedule the product.

       Then go to Setup | Administer | Security Controls |Field Accessibility |Product | View by Profiles | choose System admin | Click on Revenue Scheduling Enabled Field Access | Check Visible | Save

Remember this needs to be done for any other profile that needs to enable revenue scheduling.

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