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How does Salesforce qualify an email address?

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Salesforce complies with the RFC’s 2822 standard for email address verification. We keep working on improving the quality of data our customers can enter into salesforce, and help them correct any “bad” data. Also to improve email deliverability we are enforcing checks on the valid format of email addresses.  One of the major reasons also for the change  is that invalid formats creates  good amounts of email traffic, that just gets pings around between email servers

We currently support the following email format:

For the local part of the email address we accept the following characters. The local part is anything before the @ sign.


NOTE: We allow two consecutive period characters ('..') in the middle of the local part of the email address (eg, and a single period ('.') at the end but not at the beginning of the local part (eg,

For the domain part of the email address (anything after the @)  we accept:

0-9 and A-Z and a-z and dash “-“

NOTE: Comments - denoted by matched parentheses - are allowed in the domain part as well as in the local part. Comments in an email address are ignored when sending email; for example, john.doe@(comment), and are both equivalent to

Example email address:


Additional information:

RFC 2822:

RFC 2821:

RFC 821:


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