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Update Opportunity Currency

Knowledge Article Number 000002332

Error: "field integrity exception" on CurrencyISOCODE field when updating opportunity record


The reason is because the opportunities have a associated products. The amount is being calculated based on the Quantity and price of these products. 

To update them here are the steps. Please try this in your sandbox before doing it the in the live environment. 

  1. Export all opportunity line items for the opportunities you want to update 
  2. For each PriceBookEntryId in the exported data, look up the corresponding PriceBookEntryId for the new currency 
  3. Delete the Line Item records 
  4. Update the Opportunity currencies to the new value 
  5. In the exported line items file, update PriceBookEntryId with the value from step 2 
  6. Insert new Opportunity Line Items 

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