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Why can't I Show Details in my Matrix Report?

Knowledge Article Number 000002343

When I click on the Hide Details or Show Details button in my matrix report, nothing happens.


If the report is returning more than 2,000 records, the Show Details button will not work and the following message might appear under the reports name:

Report Generation Status: There were too many records to display details. Select Export Details for a complete view of your data.

Here are the work arounds:

1. Export Details for a complete view of the data

2. Add additional filters to the report to return less than 2,000 records

3. If less than 2,000 records in the matrix report are displayed and the details are still not showing, then check to see how many fields (columns) are displayed on the report while in customize mode.  If there are less than 2 columns, then another field is required, as the first field appears underneath the groupings and there needs to be a field off to the side with the details shown.

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