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Keep Picklist value available for existing records after it's deleted but unavailable for new records

Knowledge Article Number 000002419

Deleting the Picklist value from the available options, will remove the value from the list of available options. If you want that the records with the deleted value to keep the deleted option, don't select to replace the value you're deleting with another value.


Delete a standard Picklist value

  • Navigate to the fields page for your object. For example, for account fields, click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Accounts | Fields.

Custom Objects  


1. Click Setup
2. Under Build, click Create | Objects.
3. Click the name of an object and then Fields

  • Click the name of the picklist field you want to update.
  • In the Picklist Values section, click Delete next to a value.

The result will be that upon creating/updating a record, the deleted value wont show up as an available option for you to select. However, existing records that had this value prior to its deletion, will still show this value.

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