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Retention of email attachments

Knowledge Article Number 000002452

Are email attachments retained in Salesforce for a long time (for example 7 years)?


- Attachments sent as links (exceeding 3MB) from Salesforce using the "Send an Email" button are stored for 30 days.
- EmailMessage & Attachment records are created for every email sent from native salesforce or via the API (regardless of attachment size) 
- EmailMessage & Attachment records count toward the overall storage limit 
- EmailMessage & Attachment records must be deleted by customer to reduce the amount of storage used 
- EmailMessage & Attachment records are essentially a history of emails and related attachments sent 

Customer Support is able to dig through these records to find a previously sent email with associated attachment(s) (assuming the records were not intentionally deleted by customer ) for a maximum of 30 days in the past.

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