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Retention of email attachments

Knowledge Article Number 000002452



For every email with attachment sent from an org, records are created in the EmailMessage object and the Attachment object.


Email retention impact to your organization


  • Emails and attachments are stored in objects in the org, they both count towards the storage limit.
  • It's up to you to delete/archive attachments in order to manage their storage capacity.
  • Salesforce doesn't delete attachments, emails, or any other data from customer orgs.
  • If attachments were not deleted by an end-user, attachments can be found in the search result records for up to 30 days. 

NOTE: Salesforce Support can only search for attachments and emails sent up to 30 days in the past, our servers don't retain user activity beyond that time frame. Attachments sent as links exceeding 3Mb from a Salesforce org using the "Send an Email" button are stored for a 30-day period.


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