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What are Single Email Limits for messages sent using API methods? Can I check my balance for the day?

Knowledge Article Number 000002490

1. What are the single email limits we can send from a trigger / apex class / API?

2. Where can I view how many emails our org has remaining on any given day?

3. If I invoke reserveSingleEmailCapacity() method from a trigger before sending the email, will I be able to catch this exception and save the record?


1. This limit is set for 5000 emails per day per org. ( Limit name is "Maximum SingleEmailMessage recipients per day" )

2. The SingleEmailMessage limit is available with the REST API.  Please see the article Checking the SingleEmailMessage limit for the steps to determine the limit in your

3. reserveSingleEmailCapacity() raises a System exception, so if you've reached the capacity you won't be able to save the record. 

All recipients in the to, cc and bcc fields count against this limit for email sent using Apex or the API.  An example being an email with 2 addresses in the "to" field and 1 address in the "cc" field would count as 3 calls.

Emails sent using setTargetObjectId() set against the user object do not count against the SingleEmailMessage limit.

**Note Trial organizations are set to a default of 15 and NOT 5000.  If you already have a contract with us for a Full Salesforce environment, we can increase this limit to the standard 5000.  As a general guideline we do however recommend that you do your primary testing in Sandbox or Developer Environments if you already have a contract.  Please contact Support to have this increased.


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