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Task and Events versus Activity WITH objects reports

Knowledge Article Number 000002591

Task and Events versus Activity WITH objects reports.  Which is better to use?


When creating a new report, the general activity report is based on the "Task and Events" report type.  This report type reports on multiple objects such as activities with cases, accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, opportunities.  As a result, this report can time out as it typically queries through many table's records.  This kind of report is ideal for reporting on activity records on per week basis.

To improve the activity report performance with expansive date ranges, try using the other report types more specific to an object such as "Activities with Leads".  The query performance will sort through fewer tables.

Also note that when creating reports using the Activities with Objects report type, custom information from the object will not be available or another option is to create a custom report type for the Object and add object reference on Activities. This way, the Object and Activities fields will be pulled up on the report.

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