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How to identify reports attached to dashboards?

Knowledge Article Number 000002669

How to identify reports attached to dashboards?


To identify reports and dashboards not used recently and should be deleted, Navigate to Setup > Create > Report Types.  Create a report type on Reports WITH OR WITHOUT Dashboards.

Create a new report from reports tab using this new report type.  Add columns such as Last Run date, Report ID, Dashboard Title.  Add a filter of "Last Run Date" less than "LAST 180 DAYS".  Run this report.

Export out to excel and separate the reports with dashboards.  These reports can't be deleted until it's removed from that dashboard.  You should now identify which reports have not run within the last 180 days and are not attached to a dashboard.


If the "Last Run Date" is over 180 days for all reports attached to a dashboard, you can assume that dashboard has not been refreshed since then.  There is no reporting available on the dashboard Refresh Date, so this is a work around.

A report's "Last Run" is not getting updated when you view the dashboard, but it does when you refresh the dashboard or click on the component.

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