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Sharing opportunity using Salesforce to Salesforce

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Sharing Opportunity Products with Connections

An opportunity product is related to both opportunity and product records, and therefore, can only be shared as a child record
of a shared opportunity, provided the associated product is also shared. If all of the following criteria are met, opportunity products are automatically shared with connections; opportunity products cannot be shared separately.


  1. The Opportunity Product object type is published to your connection, and your connection has subscribed to the object.
  2. The opportunity and the product associated with the opportunity product are shared with your connection:
    • You can share the opportunity from the External Sharing related list on the opportunity. You must select the Opportunity
  3. Product checkbox in the Forward existing related records section.
    • You can share the product from the Products related list on the opportunity using the Manage Connections link.
  4. In the connection's organization, the opportunity is associated with an active price book during acceptance.
  5. In the connection's organization, the product is associated with the same active price book as the opportunity.
  6. In the connection's organization, the product is active.
  7. In both organizations, the opportunity currency is the same.
  8. When sharing opportunity products, consider the following additional rules:
  9. If quantity or revenue schedules are enabled in the connection's organization, Quantity and Sales Price fields will not be
  10. updated in the connection's organization.
  11. If the price book associated to the opportunity product is changed or deleted in one organization, the opportunity product will no longer be shared.
  12. If the opportunity is no longer shared, the opportunity product will no longer be shared.

You must do not auto-accept opportunity when subscribing, otherwise the opportunity product will not be shared; also products added after the opportunity is shared will not be shared.

Below are some tests and its results:

  1. Publish/Subscribe to opportunity, opportunity product and product in both Orgs
  2. Add one or more products to an active price book in both Orgs
  3. Test results:
  • Add one product (shared) to one opportunity in pub org, and share this opportunity, when accepting, select the price book which has the product and then the product is also added to opportunity;
  • Stop sharing in sub org and delete the opportunity, add one more product(not shared) to the opportunity in pub org, then share this opportunity; when accepting in sub org, select the price book, and only one product (the one shared) is added to the opportunity; the opportunity amount is based on the product;
  • Remove the opportunity in sub org, then share again in pub org, when accepting, do not select any price book, no product added to opportunity;
  • Delete the opportunity in sub org, share in pub org again, when accepting, select a different price book, the price book is added, but no product added to opportunity.
  • Create a new price book in sub org and add the shared product to it with different list price. remove the opportunity in sub org and shared again in pub org, when accepting, select the new price book, the product is added to the opportunity and sales price is same as in pub org.
  • Share a different product in sub org, it is auto-accepted in pub org; add this product to the price book in both orgs; add this product to the opportunity in sub org, the product is not added to the opportunity in pub org;
  • Similar to 3.6, when adding a product to opportunity in pub org, it is not added to the opportunity in sub org.

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