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Why is there a delay when a visitor ends a Live Agent chat session?

Knowledge Article Number 000002682

If a visitor uses the Close button to end a chat session, the operator is displayed the "Chat Ended: This chat session has been ended" message immediately. However, if the visitor ends the session by using the X to close the browser window, there's a 20-30 second delay before the "Chat Ended: This chat session has been ended" message is displayed to the operator. Why is the behavior different?


This is working as designed. 

When a visitor clicks the X button in the browser, our server doesn't know if they actually closed the window or if they're experiencing temporary connectivity issues.  Therefore, Live Agent is designed to time the visitor out to determine that they've closed the window.  This can take 20-30 seconds.

The timeout period from the other end - the agent's side - is about 60-70 seconds. Once the timeout period has passed, this closes the session for the customer, and he/she will need to restart the chat request process. It may be possible to assign a specific timeout length through the Live Agent REST API

Please note that the timeout period can vary (from no waiting period to more than a minute) depending on the browser you're using (Firefox, Chrome, IE....) and this behavior also applies to browsers in mobile devices.


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