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Scheduled data export has failed due to the running user becoming inactive

Knowledge Article Number 000002692

Who receives the email that a data export has failed due to the running user becoming inactive?

Example Email Alert:

Subject: Your Organization Data Export failed to complete - (respective org name referenced here) 

The scheduled weekly export ran as the running user "John Doe". The following error occurred: 

The user account that runs the weekly export is inactive. 

To fix this problem you can either: 
1) Set this user to be active. 
2) Change the running user on the job. 

Thank you,

If you need to get information of changing running user for data export, please check the article "How can I change the running user of a weekly data export?".


Users that meet the following requirements will receive the email:

The User must be a currently active users

The User must have Weekly Data Export on their profile

NOTE - Users with the “Weekly Export” permission can view all exported data and all custom objects and fields in the Export Service page. This permission is granted by default only to the System Administrator profile because it enables wide visibility.


If the org has more than one user with the same email address that meets the above criteria the email will only be sent once.

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