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Can email notification be disabled when a USERNAME is changed?

Knowledge Article Number 000002700

In an effort to minimize confusion for our users, is there a way to temporarily disable the Salesforce-generated notification that gets sent out to a user when their username changes?  We would prefer to send out our own custom notification to our users once we complete this normalization process.


It is possible to suppress the email notification upon changing a user's EMAIL address, but not upon the USERNAME change.  

Refer to Article # 3832 for information on the process to suppress notification on EMAIL address change.

You can Deactivate the User (Do not remove them from any teams).  Change the Username and then reactivate the User.  
This will forego the notification email that the Username has been changed.  
However if there are other emails via Workflows or other triggers that are set to fire upon activation of a User in your org those will need to be deactivated first.  Otherwise those Emails will fire upon activation of the User.

Disable email verification when changing a users username.

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