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Error message , "Error: You can't use more than X characters."

Knowledge Article Number 000002749
Description The error message, "Error: You can't use more than X characters." indicates that you're over the character limit allowed for a field. If you're seeing fewer characters than what's allowed, it's probably because the content was copy and pasted from another source, like Microsoft Word or another website. Programs like Microsoft Word contain hidden formatting, this formatting is causing you to run into character count limits. 

To avoid this error, only copy content from a plain text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. This does mean that you'll lose some formatting; however, this will resolve your issue of going over the allotted character limit.


Some special characters encode into HTML upon input to a RTA field, even when copied from a neutral editor.  For example, a single apostrophe will encode to the equivalent of 5 characters, resulting in a net gain of 4 characters.  This should be taken into account when considering field length settings and character limits.

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