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How to deactivate Users

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If you have a customer that elected to create a org yet they have a Salesforce CRM Chatter deployment, or future plan to deploy, there could be a conflict.  Any users that were created in with the same Username in Salesforce CRM will not be allowed in Salesforce CRM Chatter.

In which case the customer will have to deactivate (or rename) the org usernames since the usernames will be redundant and cause conflict.




Visit this website:

 Here are the instructions taken from the site above: 

How do I deactivate my network?

If you were the first person to sign up your company for Chatter, you can deactivate the network by sending an email to

The Product Manager or authorized recipient of the email will rename and deactivate your username.  Please ensure you have provided authorization for each username to be deactivated. 







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