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How do I change a dashboard components source report?

Knowledge Article Number 000002826

The new Dashboard Builder is different to the older version where you selected the source report of a dashboards component by editing the component and selecting the source report from a list.

How do you select the Source Report in the new Dashboard Builder?


To change the source report of a component already existing on a Dashboard do as follows:

  1. Go to the Dashboard.
  2. Click on Edit
  3. In the left of the dashboard click on the Data Sources tab.
  4. Click on Reports to expand the list of reports.
  5. Click on the Folder the report is in that you want to change the source to.
  6. Click on the report name and drag and drop it onto the component you want to change.
  7. You will see the component refresh. Once finished click on Save to save the Dashboard.

The component will now get its data from the new Source Report.

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