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Salesforce for Twitter & Facebook : Too many call issue

Knowledge Article Number 000002927

Why are Apex Scheduled Jobs failing with error


If the Apex Scheduled jobs which perform searches for Facebook and Twitter are failing with the error:

sf4twitter:Too many callouts: 11

("11" : is the number of calls, the error message can have a higher number.)

Basically, the package can use up to 10 Apex jobs per hour.

This is mentioned in the Setup Guide on the AppExchange :

"Scheduled Searches are run using scheduled Apex jobs.  By default, each Salesforce org contains 10 Scheduled Apex jobs per AppExchange application. The number of Apex Jobs a search uses is based on the search frequency.  The “Requests Used”
column displays the number of jobs used by each Scheduled Search"

If the time interval is 10, you will use 6 requests, if the time interval is 15, you will use 4 requests, if the interval is 1 you will use 1 request, etc...

The total of the "Request Used" column on the Scheduled Searches page should be less or equal to 10 in order to solve the issue.

If you get this error message, you will need to reduce the number of jobs to 10 per hour or less

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