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Why did I receive the following error in an email: "The user account that runs the report (the running user) is inactive"

Knowledge Article Number 000002928
Description In order to receive this email, users must have all 3 of the following Profile permissions enabled:  
Manage Users, Modify All Data and Manage Billing.

If there are no users with all of these permissions, then we relax the criteria to look for users with "Manage Users" and "Modify All Data" permissions.
Resolution To prevent this email from being received in the future, please follow the steps within the email.  
The email looks similar to this:

The scheduled report ***** ran at 8/2/2011 5:25 AM as the running user ****. The following error occurred:
The user account that runs the report (the running user) is inactive.
To fix this problem you can either:
Reactivate the user - ****
Update the schedule and change the running user
Delete the scheduled job. If the running user scheduled a report in his or her personal folder, you cannot edit the schedule; however, if you have "Modify All Data" permission, you can delete the job from the All Scheduled Jobs page:
Click this link to access the report: ****
If you are not currently logged in, prompts you to do so.
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