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Service Cloud Console overridden case edit tab refreshes incorrectly

Knowledge Article Number 000002999

When writing a custom visualforce page to override the standard case edit page for the service cloud console, the page doesn't behave the same as the standard case edit page. Specifically when the standard edit page is reloaded by reloading the URL, the case detail page is displayed.

With a custom visualforce page overriding the case edit page the page refreshes to the edit page instead. To prevent this see instructions below.


In order to overridden page behave consistently the following points should be taken into consideration :

  • Sales and Service Cloud have different servers. Call a JavaScript function to sync both the servers. 
<apex:includeScript value="/support/console/20.0/integration.js"/> 
<script type="text/JavaScript"> var savedcaseid; 
-------------------Your Code to open Primary/Subtab Tab------ 
  • For Saving data on a visualforce page, use the command button and on its “action” attribute calling a void method (e.g Save1) to save a record ( instead of, for example, using Pagereference Class). 
  • In void methods, use properties to set the value of “id” of a saved Record in one variable (e.g. Caseid) after inserting/updating a record. 
  •  On Command button “oncomplete” attribute get the variable from an  Apex method and use JavaScript functions to open a primary tab/subtab as required.
<apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!Save1}" title="Save"
oncomplete="savedcaseid='{!Caseid}';testOpenSubtabsave();return false "/>

Note: JavaScript functions to open a Primary Tab and Subtab are given in the SFDC service cloud toolkit.

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