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Salesforce for Outlook sync error: "Your Windows time zone doesn't match..."

Knowledge Article Number 000003010
Description When syncing Events and task using Salesforce for Outlook, Windows and Salesforce must have the time zone set up, when they are different, Salesforce for Outlook Errors will show:

"Your Windows time zone doesn't match the time zone in your Salesforce user profile.  To sync your data, set both to the same value, click Date and Time from the Control Panel.  In Salesforce, click Setup / My Personal Information / Personal Information."

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**Check the time in the computer, if it is wrong proceed to change it:

  1. Click on Start / Control Panel / View by / Small Icon /  Date and Time
  2. Click on Change Time Zone and select the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu and click OK
  3. Click on OK to close the Date and Time window

**If the machine's time is correct, confirm the information in Salesforce

  1. Click on Your Name / Setup / My Personal Information / Personal Information
  2. Click on Edit  and find Locale Settings
  3. From Time Zone select the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu
  4. Click on Save
*If you are using the Improved Setup User Interface, click Your Name | My Settings | Personal | Language & Time Zone

Attempt to sync again by right-clicking the system tray icon on your desktop and select Sync / Sync Now

Note: Please pay attention to the differences between Daylight and Standard time zones.

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