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Mail delivery failure with 450 4.4.1 Connection Timed Out error

Knowledge Article Number 000003042

There are few mail systems used by organizations that are configured by default to do Ident authentication when receiving mail from other mails systems ( These systems are legacy as Ident tends to no longer be used with modern mail delivery.

When admins check the Salesforce mail logs the error could be seen as 450 4.4.1 [internal] Connection Timed Out.

PLEASE NOTE: there are a variety of reasons mail delivery could experience this error and most issues cannot be attributed to the use Ident! If you are having problems receiving mail from certain mail servers and your mail system uses Ident please test sending mails from Salesforce to your domain with Ident deactivated.  If deactivating Ident resolves the issue consider deactivating Ident authentication for mail delivery on your system as it can delay mail reception and offer other delivery problems.

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