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Preventing records from appearing in Recent Items

Knowledge Article Number 000003069
When records are accessed using Apex or through the user interface they are automatically added to the "Recent Items" list in the sidebar. 
This is not always desirable and it is possible to indirectly control this behavior for custom objects however, explicitly preventing the addition of an object's records to the "Recent Items" (Most Recently Used or MRU) list is currently a feature request.
You can indirectly prevent a custom object's records from appearing in the "Recent Items" list by deleting its custom tab. This is only suitable when users do not need to search for or have direct access to the object's records and will not remove an object's previously accessed records or entries from the list.
To delete a custom object's tab navigate to Setup, click Create | Tabs to display a list of your organization’s custom tabs. Use this page to delete the desired custom tab.
If user's need direct access the object's records, an administrator can implement a custom link to the Tab's URL for access.  However, if this is not acceptable and your object's custom tab cannot be deleted, there are currently several Ideas on our Ideas Exchange which we would recommend promoting so that we may see this functionality considered for inclusion in a future release here: 
"Recent Items: ability to define which objects should be displayed here"
"Allow disabling Recent Items for particular objects"
"Remove items from Recent Items list"
"Don't update "Recent" list with object visited by Apex code"
"Provide an option where VisualForce pages that insert / upsert records do NOT cr"

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