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Implementing controls for mass email functionality

Knowledge Article Number 000003073

Company would like to have better controls and an approval process around the mass email functionality to avoid incorrect mass emails. Manager would like to be able to send mass emails out on behalf of reps, and specify the 'To' address.

Currently reps mass email under Contacts object by doing Mass Email, select different views (contacts) to email. If Reps choose the wrong contacts, the email will go to the wrong customer.



Administrators can restrict each individual under Mass Email | Views, as visible only to me, visible to all users, or visible to groups of users. They can also limit by hierarchy (role and subordinates). Restricting the view would increase the level of control around who can see the various lists.

The email sender can also specify their return address under: Personal setup | email. For example, if the manager sends the mass email they can put the reps email in the return address, under personal setup, or an exchange email distribution address (i.e. Please keep in mind if they send additional emails this will have an impact on their return address.

Note: Mass emails cannot be included in an approval processes (because it is not an actual object). Organization-wide email addresses are not available for Mass Email, or Stay-in-Touch requests. There is also an HTML Email Status Report that contains a report on all email activity, date sent, opened, last opened, and can be run on date range, etc. post mass email.


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