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How do I mass import Documents into Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000003135

Is there any way to mass import documents using Data Loader?


To import documents using the Data Loader, follow the instructions below.

1. Create a csv file containing the following fields:

00l20000000tBTk "doc2"text/plaintxtFALSE "c:\temp\dummy2.txt" "dummy file for test"FALSE
00l20000000tBTk "doc1"text/plaintxtFALSE "c:\temp\dummy1.txt "test file"FALSE


- FOLDERID is the Salesforce ID of the folder in which the Documents should be created

- NAME is the file name

- CONTENTTYPE is the content type of the document (Optional)

- TYPE is File type of the Document. In general, the values match the file extension for the type of Document (such as pdf or jpg). Label is File Extension.

- ISPUBLIC (true/false) viewable to other users

- BODY is the location on your PC of the file which is to be attached 

- DESCRIPTION a place for a narrative description of the file (Optional)

- IsInternalUseOnly - set to true so that fields may be used in html, like logos (Optional default=false)

2. Start the Data Loader.

3. Choose Insert.

4. Click on Show all Objects.

5. Click on Document in Select Object.

6. Browse to the csv file created in step 1.

7. Click Next, then Ok.

8. Click on Create or Edit Map.

9. Click on Auto-Match fields to Columns, then click Ok.

10. Click Next, then Finish.

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