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Error: Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria

Knowledge Article Number 000003219

Why am I getting the Error: Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria

The default error message for invalid filter lookup data is "Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria".  Users will be presented with this error message whenever the user attempts to save a record with any value if in a lookup field that does not meet the filter criteria.

Scenario: Your custom Lookup Filter field in the Opportunity Object to a User has a filter that requires the User to be active. 
How to get the error: Someone attempts to edit the Opportunity record and the user that is listed in your lookup field has become inactive since the last time this record has been edited.
In this case the error will display.


Additional Considerations

- Filter Lookup validation triggers even if the field is not on the page layout.  Therefore, if a user cannot see the field due to field level security or page layout security the Filter Validation will still trigger.
- If there is a Master-Detail field on the record, you may need to check the linked record in the Master object to ensure it is valid, and not experiencing an error on edit>save.


In order to resolve this you could:

- Correct the Filter validation with valid data or remove the data in the filter field altogether.
- Remove or modify the lookup filter to meet your business needs.

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