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Some records that should be in Mobile Data set are not in Salesforce Classic on Mobile Device

Knowledge Article Number 000003272

If records that seem to meet you Data Set filters do not appear on your Mobile Device please get your Administrator to check"Estimate the Data Size" for your user name in the salesforce application ? Each filter (query) in a data set allows a maximum of 2.5 k records to be brought back for sync.  When checking the Data Size in the application you may find that for one type of records brings back more than 2.5k or records.  The user experience is that they will sync the 2.5k records but random ones will be missing.  To resolve this you can:


1. Enhance the filter to reduce the number of records
2. Select the Max Record Limit filter and use the "Order By" to enhance the filter
3. Create multiple filters which will each capture 2.5k unique records.

For more information in Salesforce Classic see the following article:

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