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How to include Account Owner's Mobile phone merge field in email templates?

Knowledge Article Number 000003290

Normally, there are Owner information that you can add to an email template in order to customize it. However, Mobile Phone is not listed as an available merge field. In order to add this field, you can follow these steps to create a custom formula field to capture the information on the object level. 


First a custom formula field would need to be created on the object level. Here are the steps to create the field:


1. Navigate to the fields area of the appropriate object: 

  • For standard objects, click Your Name | Setup | Customize, select the appropriate object from the Customize menu, and click Fields. 
  • For custom objects, click Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects, and select one of the custom objects in the list. 

2. Click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the page. 

3. Choose Formula as the field type, and click on Next. 

4. Enter the field label and choose Text as the return type, Click on Next

5. Enter the following formula: Owner.MobilePhone, click on Next

6. Set the Field Level Security

7. Select the Page Layouts and Click on Save. 

After creating the field, you can then use the custom field on your email template. 


Note: The field would need to be created on all the objects where you want the Owner's mobile number. 


Here are the rest of the fields you can use from the Owner when adding a merge field:









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