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How to count Report Grouping Rows

Knowledge Article Number 000003327
Description How to count the Grouping Rows in a report instead of records in a Summary report.

Resolution (workaround) was to create a formula field on the Contact record. The formula field needs to be created on the object of field by which the report is grouped. Or Create the formula on the object where the grouped field belongs. 

Formula field type = Number
Formula name = "Unduplicated Count" (or other) 
Formula text = "1"

** This just puts a number 1 on each Contact record (this works when in the report)

** The reason it works, is because the value "1" is on the Contact and not on the Asset record"

Add this formula field to the report type fields via lookup through the contact

Then add the field to the report and summarize on it.

This now counts the grouping rows.


This workaround would only work on report type with more than one object.
Example: Report is on Account with Contact and is summarize by “Account Name” then you can use the workaround in this report to only get the account count as Grand total would show the total number of rows.

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