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Why are auto-response emails being sent from a user that is not defined as the Sent From (Email) in any of my rule entries?

Knowledge Article Number 000003398

If Cases are sending an auto-response from a user that is not defined as the Sent From (Email) in any of your rule entries, the auto response may be coming from the "Default Response Template" setting.

Under Setup -> Customize -> Self service -> Web to Case -> Modify -> Default Response Template
 Under Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Web to Lead -> Default Response Template

Which says: "Use Case/Lead Auto-Response Rules to select different email response templates based on attributes of the cases/leads submitted online. Cases/Leads not matching any of the rules will be sent the default response template selected below."

This template will be sent from the user triggering the auto-response rule.

If a case is created online, goes through auto-response rule entries, and does not meet criteria on any entry, then the Default Response Template is sent from the current user.






The Default Response Template is not required, you can remove it if you do not want a response sent when no rule entries evaluate to True.

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