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How do I use the Remote/ Advanced Search feature to retrieve data from Salesforce in Salesforce Classic?

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How do I use the Remote/ Advanced Search features in Salesforce Classic on mobile devices to retrieve data from Salesforce?


Any time a Salesforce Classic mobile user enters a string in the search bar within the app, they are searching LOCALLY against the downloaded records on the device. To retrieve data from Salesforce that has not yet been downloaded, use the Search Server feature to search and retrieve these records to the local data set on your device. The iPhone and Android client will prompt users and request to continue the search against the salesforce servers.

Once a record is searched for and viewed locally on the device (Search Results) then it becomes MARKED. Once a record is marked, it will stay on the device as part of the local data set even if the user chooses to deactivate and then reactivate the data set.

A marked record can be removed from the local device data set by:
- iPhone - App Info page, select Deactivate, select Clear Searched for Records
- Android - Application Info menu button, select Clear, select Clear Searched Records

Remote Searches are comprised of the following steps.

  • Searching for what you need to retrieve
  • Selecting only records that you wish to bring down to the device
  • Reviewing the new data locally available on your device

The following is an example of using the Remote Search feature to locate and retrieve a Contact record that was not locally available.

Using Remote Search to locate and retrieve a Contact:

1. Select Remote Search from the menu.

2. Type in a keyword to search by.

3. Select the entity in which to search (i.e. Contacts) if you want to narrow down only to contact records.

4. Submit the Remote Search request.

NOTE: If wireless connectivity is available, the Remote Search will be sent immediately to Salesforce for processing. If the wireless is off, your search will be queued and sent to Salesforce when wireless connectivity is available again. You can continue to use the application normally while a search is in progress.

- A dialog message will alert the user when the Remote Search results are available
- View the Remote Search results, identify and select the records of interest
- Retrieve the selected results from salesforce
- Retrieved records may take several seconds to load to the WorkSpace CRM client

NOTE: Items that are retrieved from salesforce are added to the local database without notification. Search results are available later from the Search Results menu item.

Contextual and relative Remote Searches can also be performed by clicking the Advanced Search section header.
i.e. From an Account record, select the Contacts menu option to view related Contacts. 
The Salesforce Classic mobile app will have an option button in blue labeled: Search the Server for More OR Search Server

This is actually running an Advanced Search against the server for All Contacts related to "x" Account


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