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Why do I get an error stating 'Division undefined System Code External entry point'?

Knowledge Article Number 000003605

When you see this error or a permutation of this error - 

CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY. The formula in the “SomeWorkflowOrValidationOrFomulaField” rule or process is invalid due to the following: 
Division undefined: (System Code) External entry point

It does not have anything to do with your organization having the Divisions feature enabled but rather it's referring to a formula field involved somewhere within the configuration that is dividing a number by zero because the Blank Field Handling is set to "Treat blank fields as zeroes". So, for example, if you had a formula field which was used as the criteria for a workflow rule that specified 'FieldA / FieldB' and the value that was calculated for FieldB ended up as 0, at runtime this calculation would cause an error similar to the one above.


Resolution The solution to this issue is to change the formulas to "Treat blank fields as blank".

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