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BEST PRACTICES: Sales & Marketing Overview

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Salesforce Cloud Services

The following links provide general examples and best practices on how to streamline the Salesforce CRM to work with best practice Sales and Marketing methodologies.




9 reasons why sales managers love Salesforce CRM
Managing all aspects of sales productivity takes work. By providing 360-degree visibility into the sales process, however, Salesforce CRM makes that work easier—and more effective—than ever before.

13 reasons sales reps love Salesforce CRM
Regular use of Salesforce CRM is important to drive full adoption. To achieve this goal, sales reps need to know how the application benefits them, day after day. The bottom line: Salesforce CRM is not just a tracking tool, it’s a sales effectiveness tool.

Understanding the basic building blocks of Salesforce CRM
To take advantage of all Salesforce CRM has to offer, your sales reps and managers need to understand how to use the application to manage each deal. It’s the key to accurately predicting revenue, managing your people, and continuously improving sales performance.

How to measure and increase customer loyalty
Customer loyalty has a significant impact on a company's profits and its prospects for the future. This article provides insight on how you can find out where you stand with your customers and how to use that information to make your customers more loyal.

5 secrets to building a customer-centric business
Small and medium businesses can greatly increase their chances for success by becoming customer centric. Here are five secrets for achieving that goal.

For business success, mind your metrics
Metrics are measurements that quantify business performance. Metrics are also your ticket to increasing that performance, improving planning and control cycles, and ensuring accountability. This document highlights metrics relevant to CRM—particularly in sales, marketing, and in customer service—and shows how Salesforce CRM helps to make that information available to all who need to know.

How Salesforce uses Salesforce CRM in marketing
Ever wonder how Salesforce manages its marketing programs? Find out now—and you might just learn something to boost your own marketing efforts.

How Salesforce uses Salesforce Chatter
Find out how Chatter is changing not just the way we work together, but the way we work. This document shares evolving use cases during the introduction of Chatter at Salesforce.


Optimize lead and sales process


6 proven ways to generate more leads

Capture more leads and follow up on them more efficiently with Salesforce CRM. This document covers the tools and resources that will turbo-charge your lead generation efforts.

5 steps to effective lead management
Fine-tune your lead management process to get more leads and then make the most of them. Align sales and marketing, grow your pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, and turn more leads into customers.

9 tips for using lead scoring to close more deals
Properly scored leads mean higher sales productivity. Learn to effectively score and qualify new business to make the most of your leads.

8 steps to unlocking your pipeline with opportunities
Take control of your pipeline and your deals by making the most of the opportunity object in Salesforce CRM. Align your sales process with Salesforce CRM—and make your reps more productive as a result.

5 simple steps to reports and dashboards
To track and improve business performance, you need reports that show trends as well as real-time dashboards for up-to-the minute information about your business. Salesforce CRM makes it easy to create both.



Run and measure campaigns


5 steps to running your campaigns in Salesforce CRM
Getting quality leads and knowing how they perform is key to business success. The campaign management feature takes the guesswork out of campaigns, so you always know which campaigns result in the most leads—and the highest revenue.

Turbo-charge customer communications with email templates
Make your sales reps more productive, enforce your corporate look-and-feel, and ensure your messaging is always consistent and on point.

9 tips for successful email campaigns
Don’t waste marketing dollars on email campaigns that don’t produce results. Discover and make the most of new trends that optimize email marketing, for maximum return and highest open rates.

How to make the most of search engine marketing (SEM)
Get in on SEM, one of the hottest trends in online marketing. Find out how to slash your marketing outlays by delivering qualified prospects at a reasonable cost. Learn how to fine-tune your product messages.

8 steps to creating a social media strategy
Find out how to use social media tools for business—and how to tie that strategy into Salesforce CRM.


Become even more productive


Customizable forecasting: What's in it for you?
Find out whether the customizable forecasting functionality is right for you—and how to prepare to implement it.

4 steps to deciding if territory management is right for you
Territory management can make your organization more efficient by organizing and sharing your data in a unique way. But it’s not for everyone. Find out whether it’s right for your organization.

Tips for using incentives and rewards to boost adoption
User adoption is key to making Salesforce CRM a success. To ensure high rates of user adoption you need a long-term strategy, with ongoing efforts to drive adoption. Find out how to make incentives and rewards part of your adoption strategy.

8 keys to mobile CRM success
Mobile access to Salesforce CRM is one of easiest ways to get the most from your Salesforce CRM investment. To get started right, follow the tips in this document. It’s an approach that’s yielded great results for hundreds of customers.

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