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Unable to select individual Users when scheduling a report

Knowledge Article Number 000003616
Description Why can't I select individual users when scheduling a report?

Note: This article doesn't apply to organizations with the "Enhanced Analytics Sharing" feature enabled. Learn more about that feature in our "Enhanced Folder Sharing" help article.

If the folder where your report is saved is restricted to certain groups or roles, you won't be able to select individual users when you schedule a report, but here are three workarounds:



  • Change the report folder security temporarily. Select "This folder is accessible by all users, including portal users" as your folder security, then create the report schedule and change the report folder back to it's original security setting.
  • Save the report in the "Unfiled Public Reports" folder temporarily, then schedule your report and save it in its original folder.
  • Create a new Public Group with the Users who need the report emailed, then share the report folder to the new Public Group and select that group in the report schedule.

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