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Can I use Opportunity Line Items multiple times in a Mail Merge Template?

Knowledge Article Number 000003626

A Mail Marge Template contains Opportunity Line Item fields in more than one place, including the «OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_START» and «OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_END» merge fields. However, only the first instance of these merge fields is populated when using Mail Merge.


This is expected behavior. All Opportunity Line Item merge fields must be included between the «OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_START» and «OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_END» merge fields, and the «OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_START»/«OPPORTUNITY_LINEITEM_END» merge fields may only be used once in a given Mail Merge Template.

Note: When Extended Mail Merge is enabled, mail merge documents are sent via email to the user performing the mail merge.
If the user is not receiving the mail merge document/s via email, make sure that the condition above is met. 

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