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Can I delete salesforce standard fields?

Knowledge Article Number 000003629

Can I delete salesforce standard fields?


Salesforce standard fields cannot be deleted. However, many standard fields can be removed from a page layout. To remove a standard field from a page layout, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on:

Non-Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | App Setup | Customize | <object>

Enhanced Setup Menu - Setup | Build | Customize | <object>

2. Click on the name of the Page Layout and select "Edit".

3. Click and drag the field from the layout into the box on the top of the page layout editor

4. Click "Save".


Fields that are displayed with a blue circle icon are universally required and can not be removed from the page layout.

Fields that are displayed in bold are required by Salesforce. These fields cannot be removed from the layout.

Custom fields in Salesforce can be removed from a page layout, as above, or deleted entirely. Be sure to back up your data before deleting custom fields from Salesforce, as all data in the fields will be lost when the field is deleted

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