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Add/create a new Lead Source

Knowledge Article Number 000003632
Learn how to add a new Lead Source to the Lead Source field below. But first, be sure you have the "Customize Application" permission on your profile. If you aren't sure, contact to your internal System Administrator for more information. 


Add a new Lead Source to the Lead Source picklist 

1. Click on your Name | Setup | Customize | Leads | Fields.
2. Under Lead Standard Fields, click on the Field Label for  "Lead Source." (Clicking Edit will only allow you to edit the field name, not the values of the picklist).
3. Scroll down to the section "Account/Lead Source Picklist Values," and then click New.
4. You can add one or more picklist values in the box provided. Each value should be on its own line.
5. Click Save.

Good to know: If your Organization is using Record Types, you'll have to modify the Picklist values available on all of your active Record Types. 

Modify Picklist Values


1. Go to SetupCustomizeLeads
2. Under "Record Types," select one record type.
3. Look for lead source under "Picklists Available for Editing," and then Click Edit.
4. Add/remove values as preferred on the selected values box.
5. Optionally set a default value.
6. Click Save.

The above mentioned steps "Modify Picklist values" on record type applies to any standard and custom object.


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