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Change the default setting for the Send Notification Email checkbox for Tasks

Knowledge Article Number 000003633

This article applies to organizations that do not have the "Enable user control over task assignment notifications" setting enabled via Setup, click Customize | Activities | Activity Settings. If your organization does have the "Enable user control over task assignment notifications" feature enabled see the Considerations for Email Notification of Task Assignments documentation for more details on how users can set reminder preferences individually in their personal settings.

For organizations without the "Enable user control over task assignment notifications" setting enabled users can set their default preference via the following steps:



1. Go to the Home Tab (If you already have an existing Task open click the Edit button, skip step 2, and go to step 3).
2. Click the New button under My Tasks.
3. Click the "Send Notification Email" checkbox to either add or remove the check.
4. Click on the "Make this the default setting." checkbox, that appears under "Send Notification Email", to insert a check.
5. Click Save.


Note: This default setting will apply to all Task creation/edit pages under all objects and related lists throughout the application, and can be changed back the next time a non-default value is selected.

For example, if you select "false" as the default, the next time you select "true" for the checkbox, you should be prompted with the "make this default setting" option again to make the "true" value the default if desired.  The only exception, is the "log a call" task page, where there are two "send notification email" checkboxes.  The "make this the default setting" checkbox doesn't work on this page.

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