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Analytics Quick Link: Training Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000003635

Training Analytics are now available via the Help portal. With this feature customers can now produce reports and charts to gain insight into their organization-wide or user-specific training consumption.

Some of the use cases are mentioned here.

Resolution Who can access Training Analytics in Help?

This feature is available to Help & Training Administrators.Traditionally, the H&T Admin is able to see all of the support cases submitted by an organization. Now they can also view reports on training consumption. Most users can only see the cases they personally submit and the training they personally consume. But Help & Training Administrators can see *all* Cases logged and Training consumed for your organization.Companies can make anyone a Help & Training Administrator, but we recommend that they limit this designation in order to restrict access to sensitive information that may be in case details and training history. It usually make sense to assign Designated Contacts and System Administrators as Help & Training Administrators.To designate a H&T Admin, it’s as simple as logging a case. Please include the person's name, Salesforce user name, and role.

How do Help & Training Administrators access Training Analytics?

H&T Admins access Training Analytics via the Analytics Quick Link. This button should show up by default for H&T Admins. Simply click to be taken the Analytics Home Page

Tips and Tricks for Running Training Analytics Reports

Simple, Intuitive User Interface, with a variety of options for slicing and dicing the data. View data as a Chart or Grid. 6 Standard Reports, 3 Standard Chart Types, Export feature, so customers can manipulate the data however they’d like.What’s the difference between Grid and Chart views? Grid view displays the full data set. Chart view shows filtered data. Tip: Export from grid view to include all data!

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