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Common Data Loader error messages

Knowledge Article Number 000003657

Here's a list of common Data Loader errors you'll receive as you use Data Loader to update or insert records.



Error: Row is larger than header

Cause: There is data in a field that does not have a header to map.


Error: Insufficient access rights to object ID / insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

Cause: User performing the action does not have access to the records or object being referenced. For example:

  • A record you are referencing is deleted
  • A record are referencing never existed (for example, due to a typo in the id)
  • A record you are referencing exists but is not shared with the record owner of the record you are inserting or updating
  • A record you are referencing exists but is not shared with the user running the insert or update
  • You don't have access to the record type that is being assigned to the record.


Error: Duplicate value found

Cause: User is attempting to update a unique field.


Error: ID value of incorrect record type

Cause: Record type needs to be entered with ID, not name.


Error: Owner ID: ID value of incorrect type:

Cause: Record owner needs to be entered with ID, not name.


Error: System.Exception: Too many SOQL queries

Cause 1: Trigger on the object is exceeding the Apex governor limits.

Cause 2: Batch size is set to higher number. Try reducing the batch size to 1 so that records are processed one by one.


Error: Not processed due to batch error: Invalid Batch : Failed to parse CSV header

Cause: This error will only occur if the "Use Bulk API" is enabled.

Make sure that at least one field is mapped or the field mapping step is not skipped.

For more information, see Defining Field Mappings.


Error: Name column must be mapped when solely inserting records

Cause: This happens when the Name standard field (for the object in question) is not included in the csv. file.

You need to include the Name column and specify a name for each record.


Error: Invalid CSV file format. Please select a different file. Error reading row #: the number of data columns exceeds the number of columns in the header.

Cause: Data Loader 34.0 introduced the ability to use comma or tab delimited CSV files. If a comma delimited file contains tab characters within at least one cell, Data Loader reads that tab as an additional column.

To resolve this issue, use a text editor to edit the file and wrap the cell in question in quotation marks.

Example: "123 Main St."


Error: Invalid Number ("<Field Name>: invalid number: <Number Value>")

Cause: This error is returned when the cell (import file) targeting a number field contains commas as thousands separators.

To resolve this, make sure that number field values are typed with no commas in the import file.


Error: Group membership operation already in progress

This error occurs when you are updating user's role information and if you have sharing rule set up, record will not get updated as all sharing rules will be recalculated everytime a single record is getting updated.


  • From Setup, enter Defer Sharing Calculations in the Quick Find box, then select Defer Sharing Calculations.
  • In the Sharing Rule Calculations related list, click Suspend.
  • Make changes to sharing rules, roles, territories, or public groups participating in sharing rules.
  • To enable sharing rule calculation, click Resume once you done with your changes.

Note: The above errors are the common ones. The error you encounter might not be in the list.

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