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Why does the HTML Email Status report not return records?

Knowledge Article Number 000003665

Why does the HTML Email Status report not return records?


Only users who sent the HTML email can generate the HTML Status report.

The HTML Email Status report must be generated while logged into the user account that sent the HTML Email. Otherwise the HTML Email Status report will return zero records, even when generated by a System Administrator.

The HTML tracking is only beneficial if the email is received and opened in the HTML format. Many organizations may not permit the reception of HTML emails due to potential security issues they can cause. This will cause the HTML version of the email (and tracking element) to be refused. In those cases, the Text Only version is sent. This Text Only version is more likely to be received, but there are no tracking features available to it.


1. Add your HTML Email Status report to a Dashboard, and set the 'View Dashboard As:' setting to the user that sent out the email(s). You can then save this dashboard as something like 'Email Campaigns - Sent from [user]'. Any user viewing the dashboard will see the HTML email status, even if they did not send it, and they can refresh the dashboard too.

2. Schedule a run for the report changing the running user from you to a different user.

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