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Why is the 'mass email' link missing from Leads, Contacts, or Cases?

Knowledge Article Number 000003692

Why is the "mass email" link missing from Leads, Contacts, or Cases?


The mass email functionality leverages the standard email address fields in the application on the Lead and Contact objects.

NOTE: At the current time we do not support the mass email feature in conjunction with custom email fields.


  • If your organization is properly configured to use the mass email feature, and you still don't see the mass email link on the Tabs that support this feature, you will need to ensure that the standard email fields for Leads and Contacts have not been removed from your page layouts on these objects.
  • The email address that is displayed on cases comes from the standard email address field on Contacts. Therefore, removal of the standard email field from Contacts, is also going to remove the ability to mass email cases.
  • At the present time, the only way to make these options available is to add the standard email address field for the object in question back to your page layout(s).

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