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Unable to see the HTML status report

Knowledge Article Number 000003711
Description Why can't I see the HTML Status report?

First, you must ensure that the user profile has access to the Contact object. If the profile has no access to the contact object, users will not be able to see the HTML email status report.

If you have determined that the user profile does have access to the Contact object, you will have to enable the HTML Email Status functionality.

To enable this functionality go to:

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Activities | Activity Settings | Email Tracking (checkbox)

and add the HTML Status related list to your page layout. For example, if you need to add the related list to your contact page layout, go to

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Contacts | Page Layout

click on "Edit" next to the layout you want to add the list to, click on "Related Lists" on the palette at the top, then drag and drop the related list onto the contact page layout and save your changes.

Note: The email tracking is not retroactive, it will start tracking from the time you turn it on.

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