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What is the order for field dependencies during inline edits?

Knowledge Article Number 000003725
Description When I do an inline edit on a field that is the controlling field or a dependent field a box comes up with the controlling and dependent fields.  What determines the order that these fields are displayed?

Controlling fields will always be returned first and displayed at the top of the Inline Edit overlay but the order for dependent fields are not controlled at this time.  The order can change at any time depending on how the database returns the dependencies to the app server.  

Sometimes the layout will return dependent fields in chronological order based on when the dependencies were created, sometimes a different result is experienced.  The Database will determine the fastest way to return the data, taking into account the indexes and query hints it uses and can change the results depending on various other factors.

Salesforce has not started any initiative that would change this behavior so Customers that would like to see this feature changed, are encouraged to visit the IdeaExchange and vote/comment on the existing "idea" below:

Bug/Bad design - Wrong field order of dependent fields in inline editing


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